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Dept. of VA, Relocate Sterile Processing Services (SPS) & Endoscopy
Fort Meade, SD

Joint-venture partner, Oculus Inc.,  provided all services from site investigations to preparation of CDs for the relocation of the SPS from the basement of Bldg. 113 into the 1st floor of the newly complete surgical tower. Scope also included designs to move the current Endoscopy Dept. in Bldg. 113 into the vacated surgical rooms located in the same building; and evaluating owner-furnished project study completed in Dec. 2015 and developing design recommendations based from that study. The Endoscopy Dept. contains 2 Special Procedure Rooms, 2 Endoscopy Rooms, Scope Reprocessing, Scope Decontamination, Soiled Utility and Transition, Clean Utility and Linen, Admin workstations, Waiting and Consulting Rooms, and other support spaces. The SPS contains Soiled and Clean Elevators; Decontamination Area, Preparation, Assembly and Sterilization Area; Soiled Transition Room; Automatic Cart Wash; Cart Unloading; Steam Sterilization; Storage, Sterile Area; Dispatch Area; Locker Rooms; Admin Offices; and other support rooms. Since both Endoscopy Dept. and SPS must remain in service during construction, Oculus coordinated with hospital staff and Facilities Engineering to establish a phasing schedule that includes the estimated construction time for the various areas to be repaired &/or replaced. Services Included: Site Investigations necessary to determine the existing conditions at the site of work; Schematic plans, design development plans, and final construction drawings; Specifications, phasing plan and cost estimate; & Design narrative and engineering calculations. Construction Period Services are being contracted under a separate sole source contract and include submittal review, site visits, and construction inspections. Designed in BIM - Autodesk Revit.

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