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Dept. of VA, Facility Condition Assessments
Multiple Locations

The L2e-Oculus JV have provided hands-on inspections of the technical and physical aspects (Architectural) of the VA Medical Centers facilities throughout the country. FCA Tasks include:

  • Tours, interviews, inspections, and research at each VA Medical Center to update the existing FCAs

  • Review of all existing, original and addition/retrofit/alteration, design documents as well as the reports of seismic studies performed on any of the buildings of the medical centers.

  • Gather the necessary information for the FCA update from site inspections; interview key technical staff and review pertinent documentation such as JCAHO Statement of Conditions (for life safety statements), asbestos reports, proposed project listings, recently completed project histories, transportation studies, and all other applicable information.

  • Provide an independent and consistent assessment of conditions found and edit the database accordingly.

  • Assign Condition grades (A, B, C, D, & F) which align with the current remaining life and/or condition.

  • Identify remaining life and corresponding grade where corrective action has been taken by VA to correct elements previously graded as D (poor condition) or F (failing condition).

  • Develop/update correction costs for conditions graded D or F including design costs, pre-design contingency, contingency reserve, market conditions, direct impact costs, and list of exclusions.

  • Complete an FCA Estimate Checklist-Attachment A for each FCA deficiency greater than $1,000,000 requiring a cost estimate. List all applicable estimate exclusions on the checklist.

  • Apply risk factors and cost factors. Evaluate in terms of complexity and risk of unforeseen conditions.

  • Provide TOP-TEN list for each VAMC being assessed.

  • Assign a 1 thru 5 scale Risk Level to all deficiencies graded D or F as part of the condition assessment.


To date, the L2e-Oculus JV has completed FCAs for the following VISNs:

  • VISN 02 (2022): 13,682,281 GSF/443 bldgs., NY

  • VISN 06 (2019): 6,741,902 GSF/257 bldgs., NC, VA

  • VISN 10 (2015): 5,244,688 GSF/140 bldgs., OH

  • VISN 10 (2017): 7,228,609 GSF/235 bldgs., OH

  • VISN 11 (2014): 7,004,239 GSF/299 bldgs., IL, IN, MI, OH

  • VISN 12 (2012): 8,448,652 GSF/244 bldgs., IL, MI, & WI

  • VISN 12 (2016): 9,369,686 GSF/351 bldgs., IL, MI, WI

  • VISN 15 (2015): 5,427,513 GSF/238 bldgs., KS, MO, IL

  • VISN 16 (2016): 10,832,084 GSF/238 bldgs., MS, AR, TX, OK

  • VISN 17 (2013): 5,607,353 GSF/191 bldgs., TX

  • VISN 17 (2018): 7,091,810 GSF/261 bldgs., TX

  • VISN 18 (2014): 4,802,461 GSF/281 bldgs., AZ, NM, TX

  • VISN 19 (2014): 3,267,104 GSF - 189 bldgs. - CO, MT, WY, UT

  • VISN 19 (2018): 6,352,600 GSF/288 bldgs., CO, MT, OK, UT, WY

  • VISN 20 (2014): 6,523,913 GSF/216 bldgs., AK, ID, WA, OR

  • VISN 23 (2020): 7,404,978 GSF/323 bldgs., IA, MN, ND, NE, SD

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