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Dept. of VA, Renovate Building 110 Ground Floor
Hampton, Virginia

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As Prime and Architect of Record, L2e-Oculus JV is providing architecture and interior design services for renovation of this NRM construction project 590-21-121 Renovate Building 110 Ground Floor. The project includes renovating approximately 7,400 SF in the vacated dialysis area, including demolition of the nurse call stations and various rooms, into an open area of administrative space. In addition, the project includes renovation of water treatment rooms and hazardous rooms into storage rooms, relocation of the electrical panels and remediation of the water infiltration issues form the exterior walls and roof.

The project will be designed to comply with the most current ASHRAE 90.1 and the VA Sustainability Program. Existing systems are being evaluated and reused, extended, or modified where feasible. Plans for phasing construction to minimize impact on the medical center are being incorporated into the construction documents. This includes impacts on the medical center such as: relocating patient and staff equipment, providing temporary barriers, providing temporary utilities, temporary means of entrance and egress (i.e., ramps, steps, automatic door operators, push plates, sensors, etc.), minimizing impact on patient flow, etc.

The team will be providing construction period services to include shop drawings review, site inspections, and RFI responses. 

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