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Dept. of VA, Project Books
Multiple Locations

Project books are performed to confirm project scope, catalog all project requirements including project risks, and establish the project design and budgets. The project books define “needs analyses” for seismic deficient structures, renovation needs, technical requirements, and identify spaces that will be disrupted by seismic corrections/renovations and establish a Space and Equipment Planning System for Design for future renovations and construction.

Oculus has provided data collection, validation, independent analysis, coordination services, planning, and schematic design for 9 Project books including:

  • Montana VA Health Care System Seismic Upgrade and Specialty Care Improvements Project Book

  • Roseburg VA Health Care System Seismically Upgrade and Renovate Building 2 and Replace Building 1

  • St. Louis VA Medical Center John Cochran Division Project Book

  • VA Portland Health Care System Project Book

  • White City VA Rehabilitation Center & Clinics Seismic Project Book

  • Ioannis A. Lougaris VA Medical Center Seismic Project Book

  • Palo Alto VA Health Care System Project Book

  • Palo Alto VA Health Care System Seismic Upgrades Project Book

  • Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center Project Book


Collectively, these projects have included over 3 million square feet of space equaling over 3 billion dollars in construction.

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